How to train for Enduro mountain biking

Professional mountain bike coach Alan Milway gives his tips on training for Enduro, including a few of the best places in the UK to practice. Enduro mountain biking blends the best parts of Downhill racing with adventure and riding large distances. It’s a fantastic day or weekend with friends, as well as an amazing race

How wide should your MTB handlebars be?

Cross-country mountain biking is all about having the weight, angles and millimetres perfect for your riding. We analyse just how wide XC fanatics should have handlebars. Cast you mind back 10 years and the idea of rocking up at an XC race with 740mm wide bars would be tantamount to heresy amongst the Lycra-clad, leg-shaving

Mountain bike technique guide

Mountain bike technique is often shrouded in mystery; many riders feel it’s a vast and highly complex area which can take years to master. In this technique guide, Wiggle’s very own MTB skills coach Sarah Pain explains the core fundamentals of mountain bike riding in an easy to understand manner. Regardless of your ability level;

5 top tips for riding roots

Struggling when it comes to riding roots? Check out these top tips for tackling the slippery stuff. The sight of wet tree roots can be enough to bring any rider out in a cold sweat. They’re supremely slippery and pretty unpredictable – one second you’re up, the next you’re down on the ground wondering what