Mountain bike technique guide

Mountain bike technique is often shrouded in mystery; many riders feel it’s a vast and highly complex area which can take years to master. In this technique guide, Wiggle’s very own MTB skills coach Sarah Pain explains the core fundamentals of mountain bike riding in an easy to understand manner. Regardless of your ability level;

5 top tips for riding roots

Struggling when it comes to riding roots? Check out these top tips for tackling the slippery stuff. The sight of wet tree roots can be enough to bring any rider out in a cold sweat. They’re supremely slippery and pretty unpredictable – one second you’re up, the next you’re down on the ground wondering what

Geology of the Little Karoo

Geology of the Little Karoo is quite different from that of the Great Karoo, the Little Karoo being an integral part of the Cape Fold Mountain belt. At one stage of its evolution, the Little Karoo was an inland sea of approximately 14 500 square kilometres. It would have been a quarter the size of

Redstone Trust increases support

The Redstone Trust has increased its financial support for the Hope Options Centre in Calitzdorp, primarily for use in its Kidstop program. Chantelle Sneygans, director of the centre, describes Kidstop as a pilot project. “We have offered counselling services for seven years and have seen the need for more specialised services, support and skills development

May 2017 MTB Throwback

Article published by Into Cycling Newspaper (June 01, 2017) Houw Hoek MTB #HouwhoekMtb The Houw Hoek MTB Tour, originally known as the Wines2Whales Pre-Ride took place from 4-7 May, and attracted a line-up of about 740 riders. The event offered an opportunity for a family-and-friends breakaway weekend, with some of the best MTB Routes with