by Robynne Stastny

The nature of mountain biking means that we all make mistakes at some point – some more than others – but it’s a lot easier to get things wrong when you don’t have the fundamental skills in the first place.

Here are five top mountain bike skills, courtesy of BikeRadar, to make you a better rider:

How to bunny hop
Get your wheels off the ground without using a jump, drop or roller. Perfect for tackling obstacles on the trail as well as advancing yourself to Danny MacAskill levels!

How to pump
An essential skill, not just for purpose-built pump tracks, pumping is the vertical movement of your body that pushes weight through the bike into the tyres, resulting in clear acceleration and your tyres biting into the trail.

How to corner faster
Take your turns to the next level and maximise grip by manipulating your weight distribution on the bike

How to jump
Nothing beats the feeling of getting airborne while you’re on a ride, and you don’t need to be a Freeride god in order to do it. By learning a few basic moves, you could be earning your air miles before you know it.

How to climb rock steps
Every trail you ride will be strewn with rocks, roots and other obstacles that you won’t be able to just ride through – it won’t do your bike (or yourself) much good if you try too…! Here’s an alternative.

And here’s what happens when it all goes wrong…


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