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I’ve been teasing people on social media but now all is revealed. Say hi to my new 2018 Inspired Hex 🙂

I’ve wanted to try 26″ again for the past couple of years but I felt the older Hex needed some upgrading. I put it to Inspired and justifiably they were a bit reluctant as the market is nearly all 24″ these days.

Fortunately Inspired are cool and agreed to design a whole new frame (probably to shut me up)! It’s now sporting the sweet tapered headtube, forks, dropouts, tubing profiles and yolk (kinda) as the latest fourplay. They even agreed to get it painted in the best colour ever! Thanks Inspired!

The 2018 Hex rides just like a 24″ but is more capable of riding natural and pure trials stuff. if you’re taller, from a MTB background and find 24″ too small or just want a bike to put knobbly tyres on then this bike is perfect for you!

I’mm make another video with some riding and explain what other stuff 26″ is good at, but until then please do me a favour and buy up these frames/bikes to prove that there’s still a demand!




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