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The Redstone Trust has increased its financial support for the Hope Options Centre in Calitzdorp, primarily for use in its Kidstop program.

Chantelle Sneygans, director of the centre, describes Kidstop as a pilot project.

“We have offered counselling services for seven years and have seen the need for more specialised services, support and skills development and have a partnership with the department of social development to reach adult victims of crime and violence in our community.

“In the process, we have identified the need for a specific program focused on the kids that beg on the streets of Calitzdorp who have not been in mainstream school for a year.

“We offer these kids an education and life skills program with a meal, care and support as an alternative to being on the streets. Where possible the child is enrolled back into a mainstream school with continued support, or they form part of the Jubilee Montessori Remedial Program we currently offer at Kidstop.

“We work both with the child and the family. We invest in them physically, socially, mentally and spiritually.”

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