The Trust

The main object of the Redstone Hills Trust is to establish a fund to assist in the care and development of the less fortunate in the Kannaland Municipal District. The support is provided in the form of grants, donations, sponsorships and bursaries to individuals, educational institutions and sports clubs.

The Mountain bike and trail running weekend is currently the principal fundraising event of the trust.

Projects that we have supported in 2017

From the proceeds of the 2017 event the Redstone Hills Trust awarded R75,000 to worthy community development activities.

Grants were made to six local projects:

Kidstop Program

Managed by the Hope Options Centre in Calitzdorp, attracts children from dysfunctional families off the streets of Calitzdorp and sets out to rehabilitate them back into the schooling system. It has a very meaningful impact on the welfare of the children, as well as uplifting the town as a tourist destination.

Skype Project

Run by the NG Kerk in Calitzdorp, guides and develops approximately 50 children in Calitzdorp to lead, serve, mentor and counsel their peer group, and to be model scholars.

Friday Kitchen

The Friday Kitchen in Calitzdorp is also run by the NG Kerk. It provides a meal every Friday to about 50 indigent families.

Chess Project

Calitzdorp High School teaches chess to the children as a method of stimulating them and arranges for chess masters to visit the school.


The Klippies Netbal Klub and the Calitzdorp High School Bus project also received grants.


Apart from the funds raised by the Trust itself, the NG Kerk raised about R46,000 from operating the food stalls and entertainments at the Redstone, for use in their projects.

The direct developmental impact of the 2017 Redstone will therefore be about R137,000 – R19,000 more than 2016.

“Thank you for your participation which indeed makes a huge difference in the lives of the less privileged people around Calitzdorp and hopefully later in other areas within the Kannaland municipal area!”

Trustees: Chris Ball, Jac Bekker and Willemien Fourie

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